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THE LAND OF SMILES‚Ķ Taking Care of Corona the Thai Way ūüėÉ


You can make a difference!



500THB  will feed one family for a week. One bag includes:
8 Kg rice, 7 cans of fish, 2 bottle of oil, fish sauce, 15 packets of noodles 

  • Custom Face Coverings

  • Design Your Own

We hope that you are having a great day and we know 100% it will be a better day.


We are ‘LAND OF SMILES’, so we are going to give everybody a smile. Actually, this is THE SMILE ¬†that helps conquer corona.¬† Looking at the media and official messages, people are wearing masks to protect themselves, but everyone looks just so depressed. Not smiling and being sad is what makes everyone weaker, so why give corona another chance to find its next victim.

Well, this needs to change. We at LAND OF SMILES are going to help change things. together we will work to rid the streets of depressing masks, and as this is the Land of Smiles, we are going to smile. We will all smile so hard that no corona has no chance of claiming its next victim.

This is how we are going to do it: We are a Pattaya based company, and it is here that we will make the first orders and start the ball rolling.  We will give jobs to those people who lost their jobs due to the Corona outbreak. These masks will all be custom made, and then we will give them to the good people of Pattaya. Not just one person but to all 350,000 of them, however, all this depends on you guys. This is a nonprofit project, and none of us will be paid for doing this, we are all volunteers. The money we receive is used to pay for the masks (salaries for the Thai workers will be paid from this as a small percent is set aside for them) but other staff who are not Thai will not be paid.

We are asking for a 50thb per mask donation. The mask is for free however the donation is so you can have your company etc. advertised on the mask. With each mask, your company will be advertised twice. You choose what branding you would like and where you would like it, then you will have everyone showing your brand and or company 24/7, how good is that for exposure.  For many many months to come your help will be recognized and people will always remember who was there when they needed it the most. There is also the possibility to set up a distribution point of your choice.

Per mask we will donate food to the organizations that are giving free food daily. We will also give away free food and drink to those people who purchase at our sponsor’s stores or companies. We will pay a salary of 8,000thb for those who now have no job due to corona and are working on how to distribute the masks and cook the food.

We use a microfiber polyester fabric 2 layers , so it gives a very good protection and you can wash them more than 200 times.

We will do all we can to fulfil the needs of our sponsors. The masks can be made custom print and can be tailor-made to your desire.

As we are doing this for the very first time, we have made some samples. The masks with the smile on them are the ones that can be sponsored, they will have a real male and female face on them. You can add your personal message and or logo, even your own picture. So, if you think your smile could be the next best thing in the fight against corona then have your smile printed. As long as it is positive it will reach its goal.

United we smile, even in the darkest of times, we smile because we know that we are not smiling alone. Be a part of the project and be a reason to make others happy. please, they need all the help we can offer them and this is impossible without your help.

Thank you

Best regards,


Land of Smiles¬†ūüôĆ

Asia has become one of the biggest TOURIST DESTINATION in the world, whether the continent is ready for it or not. Some countries were slow and more cautious to jump at the chance to please the herds of tourists flying in from Milan to Miami, however, Thailand saw its opportunity in the industry and tailored itself as such. Thus, the Land of Smiles was born.